Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What's in Your Dog Food

     It’s no surprise that every pet lover wants the best for their animal. However, the best start you can   make is by choosing a pet food brand that specializes in premium, high-quality ingredients to make the ultimate in pet food. This way, your pet can start the day in a good mood and on a full stomach. Let’s compare what sort of ingredients and nutrients can be found in both ‘value brands’ and premium brands.

      When any type of animal, be it cattle or poultry, is slaughtered for our own consumption, we take the ‘best’, most edible, parts for ourselves and leave the carcasses behind. However, these carcasses are then sent off to be turned into ‘value dog foods’ by the big name commercial brands. But just what is in this mess of dead and decaying flesh? The answer isn’t pretty; beaks, feet, skin, teeth, and intestines. You don’t see that in Eukanuba dog food do you? All the bits of the animal that we don’t want, and neither do our dogs. You try putting some beaks and teeth in front of your dog, and see if they turn their nose up at it.

      But, our dogs will eat them if presented with them. This is because the companies use various chemicals to make it seem a lot more attractive than it actually is, by improving the aesthetics and the smell. Even the best dog food isn’t anything Michelin rated, but these companies still manage to make these unwanted parts seem edible enough to our pets. The chemicals used have been linked with anything from the kidney failure, all the way to cancer.

     For example, Arden Grange’s “Premium Dry Dog Food” states exactly what ingredients are contained, and even the various nutrients (most ‘value brands’ will simply state “by-products”). Not only that, the benefits of these nutrients are explained clearly. Their feed contains only the highest quality chicken, which is sourced from chicken-friendly farms (no battery farming at all, which is more than what could be said of some of the chicken we choose to eat!).

      It’s clear then which is the best dog food, and therefore, your choice should be equally a simple.

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