Saturday, January 28, 2012

Do you follow the Signs?

            How many of us fails to follow the signs? Signs are very important to be followed because they are indications of what is happening or going to happen. These signs in the photo was taken in Rocky Mountain National Park. Because of these signs we're aware of what might happen ahead of us. 

        I have noticed many people always want to go the direct and fastest way. Let's take my own experience. While on my way to work, most of the time I followed the posted miles per hour a driver supposed to drive his or her car. But most of the time I ended up being outrun by most of other drivers. These signs are being posted for our own safety but we always fail to follow it and when accidents do happen we always blame someone or probably the weather condition but we don't realize that we had broken the laws. 

       For your safety and for others too, please follow the signs. I am linking this post to 365 Blog Photo Challenge (#2).


Mrs.D said...

aw mau jud ka nga driver too, I always go on the speed limit or maybe go with the flow of the traffic...lisod na ug ma pulled over..agoy, pastilan mahal raba ang tiket...ehehehe!

na ako nasad uli An sa pinas...kay ikaw bag-o lang ka nakabalik gikan didto...ehehehe!

tejan said...

na..mao jud ann.. very important baya jud unta but sahay lagi ma take for granted ang signs;)

Dhemz said...

warwara ko dire kadali amiga...salamat tawon sa pagduaw...musta ang work? loaded?! hope all is well.

Dhemz said...

labay ko dire amiga...musta man ang inyong V-day ni hubby nimo?!