Friday, November 25, 2011

Dog Safety Light

    (I saw this product at Bed Bath and Beyond website for $19.99)

This is not a sponsored post

 It seems like it is getting popular these days that a dog owner put a blinking light in their dog collar when they take them for a walk at night or very early morning.  For me whoever invented these dog safety light is brilliant.  Because of this dog light, you will be able to notice and see if something is on your way or someone is approaching towards you. This dog safety light was one of the things that I want to give to Bones for christmas. Unfortunately, I was too busy at work and I forgot about it. Anyway, it always christmas here in our house and I will surely will buy this safety light when I have ample time to go to the store.

Saturday, November 12, 2011


Thanks to Wm Rowe for the post

     My husband and I recently switched to fixed-rate energy through and we have been very happy with the results. I like to know exactly how much we will be spending every month, and having a fixed-rate energy bill allows us greater flexibility in other areas of our finances. My husband is an accountant, so he crunches numbers all day for a living. He has always been a math person, so he really enjoys his job. The part of the job that he likes the least is the traveling. He is a junior member of his accounting firm, and he often has to travel for major clients. While it is good experience, he hates to be away from our children. The reality is I hate when he is gone. He is a great dad, and he is really helpful in putting the kids to bed and helping out around the house. I always feel a little overwhelmed when he is out of town. I understand it is simply part of his job, but I am looking forward to the day when he travels less.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Bones loves going on a fast walk

      I think this photo was taken after we took Bones in the nearby dog park.

     My husband has been taking Bones during his "fast walks" almost every other early morning. Since the community where we live is not that crowded, my husband allows Bones to be off leash so that he can get the best exercise he could possibly have. The fast walk will usually lasted 30 minutes to an hour which makes Bones so tired afterwards. 

       So now, Bones is looking forward to this "fast walks". He will wake up my husband early morning even if it's not their scheduled "walking day" together. He will walk back and forth from the living room to our bedroom and will rub his body to our bed for several times. If my husband will not move or say something Bones will give his "crazy loud yawns" until we will tell him to go back to his bed because it is not their scheduled walk. So far, we will obey and will go lay down on his bed until we will get up. Bones is such a smart and very obedient dog. We're very fortunate to have him. He was so small when we first got him at the dog pound and now, almost five years ago, he turns to be a huge dog.