Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Beehive on a Tree

      Almost a month ago, my husband, I and Bones went to Hollywood to pick up hubby's matted and framed photo. My husband parked our car across the street from where he is going to pick up the photo so I decided to stay in the car with Bones while waiting for my husband. About five minutes being inside the car,  I decided to get out from the car and stand next to a tree which is probably 20 feet tall but I can reach some of the tree's braches.  To my surprised when I looked up, I saw this beehive. It's probably a foot long. When my husband was done what he came for in that area, I told him about the beehive and point it to him. He immediately told me to go inside the car before the bees will sting us.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Cheapest Place to Buy Cigars

      My husband doesn't smoke but on a rare occasion when one of his close friend will visit us, he will join him to smoke cigar in our backyard while catching up with things that involve family matters.  I'm not against with him smoking cigar on infrequent occasion because I know my husband pretty well and he takes good care of his health more than I take care mine. 

      To people who smoke cigars, I'm sure they know the cheapest place to buy cigars. I've heard that people who smoke a lot can tell the difference between one cigar from the other, if it's a good quality or not. Some people have this notion that only expensive products are of good quality, which most of the time the reality. Since most people have internet access at home, searching online for the cheapest products is very convenient and easy.  

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Dog's Last Will and Testament

I don't own the photo and the messages below. I just want to share it to all especially to people like me who love dogs. 

Please adopt a pet. Treat your dog as a member of your family and he/she will love you unconditionally in return. Our dog Bones is 6 years old. If he will pass away, my husband and I will be devastated but it doesn't mean we will close our door of adopting another dog.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Harmonicas for Every Music Genre

      I work in one of the biggest retail company here in the US. We sell thousands of products in our store from cosmetics to beddings to candies and a lot more. We sell seasonal products as well like fans, heaters, stocking stuffers like key chains, kitchen gadgets, harmonicas, etc. These harmonicas weren't the ones you've seen in places that specializes only in selling musical instruments. Those harmonicas they sell are quite more expensive but are of better quality and probably the best harmonicas in the market.

      Music enthusiasts have this keen sense of hearing when it comes to whether the instruments used by musicians are of good quality or not. That is why if a musician can afford to buy the best instruments in the market they will buy it because it makes a big difference to the outcome of the music they want to create or compose.